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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two More Released Yesterday!

I am still fascinated at how much education and entertainment these creatures have provided. We are in the final stretch as we only have 3 chrysalis left after releasing two monarchs yesterday.

One of the monarchs had emerged through the night which caused huge disappointment but during breakfast Cat Lover flew into the room flapping her arms and exclaiming "Hurry.....hurry........come quick......" Initially everyone sat looking at her waiting for the rest of the story....you see Cat Lover is the drama queen in the house and unfortunately it could have been something completely earthshattering .... for instance.....oh I don't know.... the wind was blowing a leaf across the lawn. At any rate within seconds she managed to blurt out..."the monarch is coming out!!!"

Once again my children witnessed another miracle in our world as we quietly stood by and watched.

It is amazing!!

Release number one......well ok....it didn't exactly take off gracefully the minute we let go but hung on for dear life! It probably was thinking...."It's flipping cold out here can't I just catch the next flight to Mexico?"

Release number two.....she said "Mom, if it wants to stick around I'm gonna do some bonding.....eye contact is very important you know!!" She's nuts!

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