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Monday, October 13, 2008

Apple Orchard Tradition

The kids couldn't take it any longer...it was already October and we hadn't made our traditional apple orchard visit! This weekend has been more than a time to be thankful it has been beautiful weather and an awesome run of several days doing all of my favourite things!

Horse Chick had a lesson Saturday but then the rest of our extra-curricular activities...dance and karate were cancelled due to the Thanksgiving weekend. She wouldn't miss riding for anything. It's the one thing that through the addition of six children over the last seven years we promised her would be able to continue. We have had to decrease her rides down to once a week ......... she would prefer to pitch a tent and stay there permanently I am convinced however for now she continues to plan for her future where she will have her own "several" horses and she can ride whenever she darn well pleases. This goes hand in hand with owning her own farm and raising all kinds of animals while being a veterinarian of course. It is so cool when your children find a passion that you watch them pour their heart and soul into!!!

Off to the orchard after riding.......the kids love this tradition. We try to go several times a year but this year almost got away from us. Mom and Dad were coming for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday night so we wanted to get some apples and do some baking!! The kids know the routine and so.........

the picking

and the eating!!!!!

Apparently Karate Kid got a sour one!! LOL

Is it my imagination ..... or are all children much happier and get along so much better when they are outside enjoying a beautiful day ??

30 pounds of apples later.......we had our sample apple cider......our token pictures on the hay wagon and with scarecrow.......

We were on our way...Awesome day......!!! Thankful for my awesome kids and the freedom we have!!

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