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Friday, October 31, 2008

"SQUIRTMAN" is 7!!!!!!

Sorry to all those who check to see if I've updated......you already know I've been negligent !!!!

Life has just been.....happening. I am totally convinced that the frenzied pace of life around here is just what is expected but some weeks.....the time just seems to get away from me.

So..check out my little Squirtman.

Most people say he has grown so much since he came to us. He was fourteen months old when he entered the "tribe", arriving on the day my Grandfather passed on. It only seemed appropriate that he inherit his name. (Grandpa however, was not known to many as Squirtman..lol)

I don't think he's changed that much.....do you?

He was such a happy baby.....always smiling....chubby cheeks....loved to cuddle.

The older children were commenting yesterday that they remembered how he used to hum as he drank his bottle. He only wanted me to hold him and he "sang" the whole time he ate. Now we have to ask him to stop singing at the table! His sweet humming has turned into loud demonstrative singing that at the appropriate time is entirely entertaining......well ok.... it's always entertaining but we are trying to keep some sense of appropriate manners in check!

This is my attempt at a Hot Wheels Car Cake.....it was not correctly done unless completely covered in flames according to the birthday boy.

I think he liked it!! He had a great day. His birthday happens to fall on October 31st so there is a second focus to this day of celebrating as the children prepare their costumes for Halloween.

This "overrated" adventure is losing popularity with the gang and although they love the opportunity to dress up and visit Grandparents and relatives the rest of the running around isn't all it's cracked up to be. They've decided next year we'll put some thought to alternate plans and maybe brighten the day of some elderly folk or do some kind of fundraiser (while dressing up of course!!!)

I still say the day is supposed to be all about HIM!

So....here's the tribe all dressed up....well except Stable Chick.....she spent the night running through farmers fields with her youth group playing mission impossible. Apparently the best fun she's had in a long time!

Well....on with the day....I've got three or four entries in the draft stage....I'll try and be a little more proactive in getting them done. In all my spare time you know....I have so much of it....it's just that I like to sleep between 2 and 5 am!!!

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