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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some people consider them... "STRANGE"?!

I'd just like to take this moment to say I do NOT apologize for some of the "quirky" behaviours my children present with.

It is, after all, the very thing that makes me smile and appreciate the day. My kids are awesome and they make me laugh!

This is how Karate Kid insisted on spending his birthday money. He sat on it for three months waffling back and forth between his favourite movie, a dragon, some lego......but it was seeing his cousin this summer with "THIS" that pushed him over the edge. OH MOM..... I have to have one!!!! Every other prized possession has this same green colour peppered with that remarkable musty "I'm in the army now" smell!! Finally....he found just the right one at our local surplus store and it even came with an air cannister!! WHO HOO!!

This made him VERY happy!

Cat Lover did not lose a bet.....this is how she did school all day!! The helmet is part of a knight costume I made out of a Double Bubble gum tub wrapped in .... yup.... the fixer of all household issues.... duct tape! The crown and the shades she felt just "made" the whole thing...you know.....pulled the outfit together!

This makes his mouth look WAY bigger than it really is........or ...does it??? That would account for the noise that comes out of it! LOL

He's so darn cute!

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