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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Princess is 8!

Well...yesterday was the big day. As far as Princess was concerned, it was reason to celebrate. After all, turning eight meant "NO MORE BOOSTER SEAT"!! Yup ...... aside from the anticipation of waiting until evening to even open one of her presents, the most exciting thing was her first ride "sans" booster.

I can hardly believe over four years have past since she "made her royal entrance". Tongue in cheek of course but to be quite frank, she was and usually is still convinced there must be regal bloodlines somewhere. The other children needle her regarding her self conceived royal appointment. She is by far my "girly girl" of the four and does carry a certain "aire" about her!!!

She was so cute yesterday. Waited as patiently as any child could for Daddy to get home so we could open presents and have cake! Daddy leaves too early in the morning for work to rush the whole circus act of present opening....oooing and ahhhing that is all part of the process, so day shift means you have to wait until supper.

Fridays tend to be a little crazy around here anyway so time did fly by fairly quickly. It's test day here at Franklin Academy so spelling dictations all around and various quizzes and tests for all. Next stop is gymnastics for the two older boys, a rush home for a quick lunch, pack a substantial snack and off to the soccer fields where all seven engage in full speed ahead activity for two hours with their homeschooling pals. It was darn cold yesterday.......Skishee spent the early part of soccer wrapped around me like a monkey with his hands buried in my vest. "It's FREEZING Mommy" was the mantra for the first half hour. In no time he and six other 3 and 4 year old friends started jumping "over" the large puddles that had accumulated in the fields due to rain in the past two days.

I have since confirmed that there is indeed an incontrollable magnetic pull towards these puddles that despite all obedient efforts to "stay away from the puddles"........somehow both socks and shoes came home a tad soggy!

It is so refreshing to be outside at this time of year. I just love the fall and the crisp temperatures it brings. The children are always so much happier to be outside running "it" off.

The evening soon brought family time with presents and cake!!! She was thrilled with her new duds and dolls. Grandma and Grandpa came through with funky clothes (mostly pink) and a pink mp3 player that just about made the whole day perfect!!! Her siblings had carefully crafted birthday cards, Lego castles and certificates promising mp3 loading! She was the sweetest, grateful kid stopping with each item, thanking everyone over and over stating she "LOVED" it all. Moments like this make me so proud of my brood!

By this point in the evening Squirtman had been reprimanded for "licking" the furniture and using it for a jungle gym and Skishee had completely lost his mind!! He had come close to punching Papa in the nose several times with all his flailing and honestly appeared to be having some kind of seizure as he rolled and jumped on top of one sibling after another. Finally coralled and sent up to get ready for bed he made a miraculous recovery when threatened with no cake and "straight to bed". So tell me the logic in this one....."now settle down" so I can fill you with copious amounts of sugar as some kind of reward for stopping the hyperactivity??????? Ok so no one said I had it all figured out....lol.

We managed a great group shot before I lost all control!

One more aside.......We should have two monarchs by tomorrow!!!! The kids have been watching the two most mature chrysalis....and we can see orange and black!!!

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