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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Counting my Blessings in 2013!!

Although it's only six days in I've managed to get a couple days behind here!   I refuse to NOT count!!  So...I will make up these days focusing on JOY!

old, new, and blue

39.  Our beautiful loved home...generations of memories
40.  New vanilla candle flickering on the dining room table
41.  Cozy navy sweatshirt

something I'm reading, making, seeing

42.  "Kisses From Katie" a truly inspirational story of sacrificial love and devotion
43.  Homemade fleece snuggie covered in T Rex dinosaurs...for my feisty boy!
44.  Rows of smiling faces hanging framed on my wall

one thing in my bag, my fridge, my heart

45.  old photos of my children
46.  homemade peanut butter fudge
47.  overwhelming joy for the blessings I call my kids

48.  wonderful service at church this morning
49.  Saturday visits with Mom and Dad
50.  reminiscing about my childhood
51.  old dog snoring on the couch
52.  5 minute nap on the couch
53.  jalapeno poppers
54.  the revelation I'm not in this alone!


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