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Monday, January 7, 2013

Counting my Blessings 2013!!

3 graces from people you love...

55.  simply being surrounded by my eight children and husband on a "back to routine Monday"...a difficult transition made easier by the chance to look at them and be thankful
56.  my oldest offering to do some "taxi" driving today while I struggled to get "on track" with the schooling of the younger 4
57.  my Dad arriving with a beautiful space heater that looks like a wood stove for our sunroom/schoolroom so the children are warmer in the biting cold temperatures  (the room isn't insulated so they layer up, but much cozier with the heater! )

58.  my dogs wet nose on my arm as he rests it there looking for some love
59.  homemade pot pie...comfort food
60.  the singing of my 11 year old while playing with his brother
61.  The understanding look from my 13 year old son while holding his tongue and not chastising his brother ( he looks like a man but still a boy!!)
62.  watching my girls play rummy at the table after dinner
63.  the early morning quiet as I rise before everyone else

You'll find the "Joy Dare" here....

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