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Friday, August 5, 2011

Steps of Faith...

Tomorrow the girls are home after two weeks in Honduras.

I have no doubt there has been some serious impact on both of their lives. Their experiences, although together, will no doubt be vastly different. I am so excited to hear what God has done in their lives and the lives of people they touched while away.

I have seen some pictures and read the blog but I need to see their faces to know that something far deeper than words can express has ... changed.

They will need some time to decompress and reacclimate themselves I'm sure. I'm ready....

I have spent the last couple of days attacking their room to prepare it for their return. They are two teenage girls in the smallest bedroom of the house and doing their best. Perhaps some perspective will make this room seem not so bad now....

Either way it needed a hurricane of organization so with the help of the younger girls we did just that! The kids are excited for their return and have got the poster paper ready for the sign they will work on tomorrow to welcome them home. Funny how the absence of a sibling they thought was too bossy or perhaps too demanding or worse yet too much like me!....... was enough to make them want them back!! HA!

Today I received word from the youth pastor that my oldest (17) had asked to be baptised while they were in Tela, Honduras on their final day. He promised if we agreed he would video tape it and asked if I wanted to prepare a message to be read to her with some scripture. I was thrilled and not totally surprised.... I knew she had this on her heart before travelling and I knew this trip had to have impacted her enough to ask to be baptised before they came home!

My children are such a blessing to me and how proud I am of them as I watch them grow in their own faith and step into obedience!

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