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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who said it was terrible 2's!?

3 years old already!!

I can hardly believe my "baby" is three! This adorable face will keep me young ... or make me old prematurely!

The adventure began from the very beginning and hasn't let up since...I suppose I shouldn't be surprised he keeps me on my toes. His adoption story is best saved for a post all to itself...it's well documented believe me! Suffice it to say he is one "fought for" little boy.

He is also....our last...although I hesitate to say that since I think I've said it a few times before and no doubt one of my family or friends will remind me of my "eaten words"!

What a joy he is! A little boy born into this world almost 12 weeks early, with many risks and potential diagnoses....He is a blessing and the road that lies ahead will be travelled with the One who blessed us with him and continues to show much grace and mercy. I'm up for it!!

Terrible twos weren't worth his time! He thought waiting till three so he could have more to say about it, you know more attitude and the ability to express his disdain with every little circumstance that didn't go his way would be more "impacting"....THAT it is!!

He is tiny but mighty and makes me laugh every single day! By the way... the shirt doesn't begin to do it justice!

He is currently in love with Elmo ... well Elmo and Alphie! "I wuv Alphie Momma, I wuv him!"

And I Love him!! No bigger joy could come in a smaller feistier package!

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