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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Simple Blessings

Saturday was a day of odd jobs around here....gardening, laundry, cutting the grass...you know all the odds and ends that we all leave until the weekend. Let's face it, it has been so dry the only thing growing is the weeds anyway!

The kids were all being fairly helpful although like most times some required a little more "encouragement" than others. I was helping the boys weed the little shade garden along the fence.....

This is when they first planted it in early June....they were so proud of themselves...

Anyway....Saturday, Daddy was cutting the lawn and heading up the hill towards us when one of the boys starts jumping up and down yelling, "stop Dad, the bunny"!!!

and this....is what we found...well we originally found it hiding in the grass right in the path of the lawn mower but funny thing...when six children anxiously arrived to "catch" the bunny to save it ... she made her escape to under the boys play hut....and this is the best picture we could get. It's hard to see how small she is but I would guess about 5 inches from bum to nose! Very tiny and so very sweet! God's Creation is soooooo cool!

We left her to find her Momma despite the pleas and promises to take very good care of her!...

Tonight as I tucked the boys in and asked what their favourite part of the weekend was...I wasn't surprised to hear this little bunny had made quite an impression. Thank you for the simple blessing of the excitement of my boys ... Life is pretty good!

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