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Sunday, December 28, 2008


It used to take Chief and I hours to decorate the tree. I was completely obsessed with light placement. Every light had to be just right and from the trunk of the tree out to the tips of every branch and back.....it took forever! Over time and seven children I have come to realize that the joy of the decorating comes in sitting back and watching the children put their own little touches on the final project. Karate Kid politely reminded me we couldn't pare back on the tree decorations because "Mom, if we don't put on all the tacky decorations we made then we are throwing out memories!" Might as well have slapped me....what was I thinking? We did however replace the half broken extremely old glass balls that inevitably get dropped and smashed further with every year. Now they are larger and moulded plastic green, white and red.

Stable Chick placed the lights and then after careful consideration we made use of our blue recycling box to lift the tree that seemed a tad "shrimpy" this year!

It's amazing how much quicker seven children can decorate a tree than two adults!!!

And before I could say "decorated Christmas tree"......it was!! I think they did a fine job and I am especially thankful for all the "tacky" decorations that hang carefully placed by little hands this year!

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