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Monday, January 5, 2009


A local feed and supply store always prepares a Nativity scene that the children look forward to every year. The display itself helps to reinforce the real reason we celebrate Christmas and that certainly isn't lost on the children but I have to be honest and say that they look forward to seeing the animals.

This year is seems they had to find a new camel since the last one was not too impressed with all the children gaulking at her and she became a little "distressed" (translated nasty!), so meet MOE!

Despite being segregated for fear of repeat "naughty" camel behaviour the children still spent much time getting as close to the large one humped beast as possible, stuffing hay through the fence at him and talking to him.

There were several sheep and two very cute lambs, one of which we didn't get a great look at because defying all stereotypes of these woolly beasts it exhibited intelligence and remained under the risers they had constructed so as to stay protected from the falling snow and stay warm! Who said sheep were "dumb"?

My favourite.............the donkey..........he looks alot like Eeyore don't you think? Man was it snowing that night and for a moment I questioned, "Why doesn't that silly thing go under the shelter?".

It didn't take long for him to realize parts of his anatomy were a little chilly so......

Notice the orange warming lamp...This "A" double "S" strategically placed his "A" double "S" right under it and it still makes me chuckle....

So as we approached Christmas and the crazy schedule of "here there and everywhere" we stopped to spend some family time.....we did alot of that this year and I am very grateful.....the kids are still talking about Moe and we'll be sure to visit the nativity scene next year in an effort to continue to focus our eyes on the Christ child's birth amidst the commercialism we refuse to let impact all that is important.

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