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Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas at Last!

Finally.....after all the prep and all the waiting....Christmas morning arrived!

Karate Kid broke the record this year arriving at our bedside with the lame excuse that his clock had stopped and was it time to get up yet!! Oh good grief...that takes the cake. I had to get up just to see if he had actually come up with this one on his own and to my amazement...the darn clock had actually stopped!!! Back to bed he was instructed to go and the next anticipation, excitement ridden child did not arrive until nearly 7 o'clock. Now that's more like it!!

Ok....the usual routine...Mom and Dad have to go down first put all the lights on and get the cameras ready and of course make sure we have everything in order for the smoothest morning possible (translated....we put a big pot of coffee on!)

The kids wait anxiously for the ok and smile accordingly for the "I can't take it any more Mom" picture on the stairs. Then they are sprung and surprisingly without looking into the living room come to the dining room table to see if Santa ate the cookies and left a note! He always does!

Then the fun begins.......every year gets a little easier. The children are really good at taking turns and not surprisingly the morning goes without a hitch!

Some years we seem to get it just right and this year happened to be one of them. Cries of "Mom and Dad this is just what I wanted!", "OH, this is so cool!", "Can I try it out now!", "Will you help me put this together!", and the most important one overheard this year by Princess......"Wow I am so blessed!" It's good to note here that she was talking to herself and didn't even lift her eyes as I watched her examine her favourite gift! I guess we've done something right along the way!


It is especially fun to watch the cat crawl inside a box and look at me through the cello window as if to say "Help!! It's not right you put me in here!!! INJUSTICE!!! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!"


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