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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Holiday Train.....Speeding by!

Please forgive me....I'm way behind on my blogging.

This is about how fast the darn train, or at least the decorated part of it, went past on December 2, 2008. We had never been before and I had heard that it was really something to see so off we went!

It arrived right on time I'll give it that and the first eight or ten cars were lit up, but it came into the station pretty quick and almost simultaneously I had seven children turn to me with the "Is that it????" look on their face. I emphasized how beautiful it was and the fact that there was going to be some musical entertainment so they settled in. After half an hour many people had left seemingly disappointed and it was darn cold so I was just about to suggest we head out too when they opened the side doors of one of the cars and the band started. There might have been a little "toe tapping" but all in all they didn't seem all that impressed.

Suddenly there was some excitement down the line of children and I peered down to see what was up....

HO HO HO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! The younger ones perked up at the unexpected arrival of the merry dude! A quick candy cane and some frozen toes signalled the end of our adventure!

The children all dropped their cans of food in the bin for the food bank and we took the long way around as the train was blocking the walkway. It turns out we had a better view of the train...well....maybe a little!

We'll give this adventure one more try next year ........

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