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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gingerbread Mania!

This year one just wasn't enough......so we still had a gingerbread train from last year that we didn't get to......Skishee renamed it the "poisonous one". You see he eats as fast as he decorates and since the box suggested it expired late summer of this year I emphasized the importance of making the train to look at and the house for eating!!! He surmised that meant the train was poison.....good grief....a little dramatic!

The icing was a tad difficult to work with so after a little microwaving and much squeezing the meticulous build began....

Skishee was not keen on the "just wait a second till I get the walls together"...patience isn't his forte! After all, "anything you can do, I can absolutely do better!".

Soon the waiting was over and the eating....I mean decorating could begin!!

On the whole the Christmas traditions bring out the best in my children and it makes me so proud. A task like building one gingerbread structure at a time for seven children could, under other circumstances at a different time of the year, spell disaster and most certainly result in some mortal wounds....however they always pull it off without much ado.

They turned out great and since I'm really behind on my blogging....the house....that is the one that isn't poison!...no longer looks like this....

The poisonous train will undoubtedly look the same when it goes to the trash.....

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