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Monday, September 5, 2011

Winding up summer :(

Well...it's hard to believe but we are just about to end summer vacation!

We have had a rather sedate summer with few trips and responsibilities. There are days I wish we could have done more but a part of me is just so glad for the refreshing and recharging of the batteries that comes with no schedules, no deadlines, no "must do", just enjoying the children and our yard and Grandma and Papa's pool! It has truly been nice.

This past week Chief was on vacation and so several little jobs were done.

We had been waiting some time for a little extra money to fill in our "hole" that once was a parking spot for the second vehicle. It had been long enough and with a little creative financing we had the 5 yards of crushed stone delivered. It may have seemed a little daunting but only for some.....

At least one of my little troopers was thrilled at the prospect of some hard work! He truly plugs along with such a positive heart attitude of service. As long as he has a job he is such a sweet hard working helper!

So sorry I didn't get a picture of what happened next here.....Daddy got a little close to the hose while inspecting the job and well.....he just couldn't help himself and let Daddy have it!! Ha ha....the perks of lending a hand!
It wasn't all hard work....There was lots of play!!


or....with the rest of the gang!!


or just hanging out!!!

taking turns...

being cute!

and a little silly!

well....maybe alot silly!!

What a great summer it's been!!   Now to convince everyone these darn back to school routines and regular bedtimes (unfortunately earlier than summer time) will not be so bad!! 

There's a secret part of me that loves all the planning for the children's schooling....don't tell anyone that would only confirm my "instability"...haha...

My blessings continue to flow...

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