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Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School "Eve"

Well...it's the night before "back to school" Tuesday.  

My planning is completely finished for all the children for the year and that is a huge relief!   I actually have planned to begin our school year next Monday the 12th of September!   I told the children tonight thinking there would be a resounding cheer and to my surprise....I got blank stares followed by "are you serious", "Oh....I was looking forward to starting tomorrow",  "can I start tomorrow anyway?"
My goodness!  Not at all what I had expected.

The plan was to enjoy this next week perhaps visiting the beach, taking a hike, one last hurrah at a favourite playground in the park, or just getting into all the routines around the house and organizing our school space.    The weather is a tad "chilly" for the beach but dressed appropriately we could still make a great day of it.....the idea being that all the other children are back in school and we will have the beach all to ourselves...

I'm sure I could enjoy a day like this!!

Today we went for a country drive.  By noon hour the kids were a little stir crazy so we decided a drive with the hopes of finding a place to play and a treat to eat was in order.     We ended up in Fergus and found a small park that was perhaps a little more appropriate for the oldest seven but nonetheless a great little break!    

 I love how even the simplest of venues seems to be appreciated!    I sure hope these little life lessons of contentment stick....it is without a doubt one of the more important lessons I hope to deliver as a parent.

Funny story today....phone rings and everyone is suddenly deaf....a common affliction here unless of course one is expecting a call!    Finally the thirteen year old delivers the portable phone to Dad who tries to answer it but receives no dial tone or anything.    He asks the same child to listen on the base phone to see that there isn't a connection problem and she lifts the whole thing .... yes... base and all to her ear and with wide eyes is intently listening to the phone (which in case you haven't got the visual is clearly sitting in the hang up position on the base now at her ear!!! )   Oh my goodness if ever there was a laugh needed to break any tension....this was it....how funny!     Not until the entire family is rolling on the floor in hysterics does she realize anything is wrong and gently sets the phone down .... "What?" she says.... Oh my.     This is one of those moments that come to remind me that on days when I am convinced I'm the one losing my mind.....clearly not always the case!!    :O   Ha ha!

Finished the evening off watching another "Feature Film for Families"....it's nice to sit as a family and watch something everyone can view with no content concerns.    These films have proven to be excellent time and again and always deliver some powerful messages!  

Most of the children have gone to bed and I plan on hitting the hay shortly.....trying to convince my mind to shut down a little earlier these days in preparation for school....the body has no problem complying it's stopping the wheels from turning that keeps me up!   

Anyway....another awesome day!   

It doesn't get much better than this!!

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.       Jeremiah 29:11 (ESV)

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