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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shop Class 101

Well, the first week of school promptly threw me into the old routines and late nights of marking. It's always a bit of a shock to be truthful but I'm well into week two and feeling better about my "total loss of control"! The laundry has gotten behind, the bathrooms are in a terrible need of overhaul and I haven't baked in a while! The kids are chomping at the bit to do the fun stuff and have already scheduled our first trip to the orchard. But...it is nicely coming together to be an awesome year!
I wasn't totally surprised when Stable Chick asked me on day two if she were to do two days of work on one day did that mean she could have the next day open to work on a project if I ok'd it? Well...I carefully hesitated. I didn't want to be too excited she was showing ambition and determination to start off on the right foot..." Tell me about your project" I replied. I listened as she ran me through the plans she had drawn up and the need for power tools and she'd already looked out the scrap wood in the wood pile and we have left over paint from the bedrooms and......Her enthusiasm was not to be contained so I agreed to the project and the next morning first thing I found her gathering the tools and the following is what resulted...

Notice she is wearing all required PPE (Personal Protection Equipment!!!) First she cut...this was a well designed project...you see there were two of them and they were designed to fit one inside the other for storage so these cuts had to be precise.

It's starting to come together....anyone have a guess what it is?

By mid day she was winding down and was quite pleased with how it had come together...

Jagger was interested in what was going on....

Viola!!! Two very happy puppies. Stable Chick had done some recent research on raising the level of feeding bowls especially in older dogs to prevent digestion issues that could potentially be quite dangerous. All who know her know she'd do anything for her MANY pets this will come as no surprise. She finished her project with time to spare and I think I'll chalk this up to shop project #1 for the year!

One of the many perks of schooling my gang at home include the ability to step outside the normal "box" of conformity and curriculum and allow them to achieve success tackling projects such as these. What a better way to learn and feel success and pride than to complete a project you planned from beginning to end....Way to go Stable Chick....You make me very proud!

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