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Friday, November 28, 2008

Gentle "Giant"

Those blue eyes and long eyelashes. The endearing way he scrunches up his face when he's trying desperately to spin a rather "tall tale". All of these things make loving him so easy!!

Most would say "Oh my gosh, he is SO cute!".....and I do agree however he pushes the very limits of that whole "not getting more than I can handle" thing!

He is the youngest of my seven and for that reason alone gets away with things the oldest could only dream of pulling off. Fortunately for him and not so much for the rest of the gang my coping and tolerance has magnified and exponentially grown over the last seven years. He, however has got to be the most strong willed, self determined little boy ever, and I MEAN EVER born!!!

So how is it that a 43 lb. 3 year old can have such command over an entire household?

It may be the fear of physical retaliation, thrown projectiles, a slight stab with a fork, quiet hoarding of the other children's belongings, or more often than not a loud screeching voice in response to someone answering him with the "wrong" answer or worse yet ignoring him!!!

Hard to imagine with a face like this isn't it?!

Forever working hard at something.....he does everything full speed ahead and if you aren't willing to keep up he just leaves you in his dust!!!

He tells everyone he's going to be a "chef-at-home" when he grows up....and I'm quite sure he will. He is just as comfortable with a knife and veggie as he is with a nail and hammer...... so who knows???

I have always been a firm believer that when the road we travel seems so very difficult. Every "little" thing takes tons of effort and we have to work so hard to see the fruits of our labour then we are on the "RIGHT" track. You see....when life is too easy and we're travelling along at 100 miles per hour then we surely haven't stopped to smell the roses or "experience" it the way we're meant to. Even when my "little giant" tests my last nerve for the tenth time in one hour I know that this journey I'm on was meant to be a little challenging. I have to believe that God knew what he was doing when my seventh child was so "spirited".

Some ask......"Surely he'll be your last?" , "How could you have the energy for more after "Skishee"?" My answer will continue to be......whatever the good Lord has for me....I'm up for the challenge!

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