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Saturday, September 20, 2008

FINALLY!......The Introduction

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first attempt at this so please be patient as I navigate through the ins and outs of how exactly to do this.

We are a large Christian homeschooling family of nine. Our family has grown exponentially in the last seven years. Back then it was only Me "Heart Mom" (I'll explain the handle later), my Hubby "Chief" ( of the whole darn tribe!) and our seven year old daughter "Stable Chick" (this does not refer to her mental state!). Since 2001 we have adopted five children ranging in age from 10 hours old to 5 years. We are currently waiting on the ok to make the sixth adoption legal! Please pray........lack of control is not one of my fortes!

We'd love to live in the country and have lots of land to spread out but for now we live in town in a beautiful old home that is filled with memories old and new!

Our adoption stories are so diverse there is no way to cover them in one post. I'll attempt to break it down sometime soon. Suffice it to say we live a very "full" life. For the most part I'd call it "organized chaos". It helps to be just a little on the edge of sanity at all times cause then I don't feel like I've lost all control!

So........one of my children grew under my heart and the other six grew in my heart....hence the "handle"............Meet the gang in order of age.......

"Stable Chick" age 14.......... "Songbird" age 12

"Cat Lover" age 10.........

"Karate Kid" age 9

"Princess" age 8

"Squirtman" age 7....................."Skishee" age 3

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